New Born Photography

Over the years I have done a fare few new born shoots. But have prioritised these shoots to include the parents. This has created some lovely shots in the past of mother and baby, father and baby etc. Usually opting for a black backdrop diffused light and create quite arty often black and white shots. As wedding season starts to quieten i decided i would reinvent my new born angle and proceeded to do my research and see what was trending out there at the moment. 2 styles popped up immediately.

Firstly the mini set styleImage

The mini set is where you create a little room almost, a fake set where the baby can be posed upon. This will mean either create a scene manually (wood & wallpaper) or buying up expensive printed vinyls. I have done both. You lay everything out so its really nice looking, pose the baby and away you go.

The second trending style was posed baby on faded backdrop


This is simply some nice material, (quite large material) draped over a large flat beanbag, off into the distance. Secured to a frame out of shot. Using a wide aperture to create shallow DOF and gradually blurring the background out.

Both styles had a few things in common. Often nude baby.. nearly always with an item of headwear, be it a hat or hairband. The cutest of which is retro styled items. The most obvious difference to how i had shot before was that the babies were on their own, away from the parents and nearly always asleep.

So with this in mind, i set about collecting the necessary bits. Buying up collections of clothes, buying and building sets and props to use in conjunction. I also set about creating an environment in which i could shoot in.

Once I had a decent sized collection i organised a test shoot with a lovely baby girl who allowed me to test out my new bits and pieces. I then advertised them heavily on facebook and voila the bookings came flooding in.

First shoot later after that, a 5 day old baby boy.

I asked the parents to bring him over when he was at his sleepiest… he arrived wide awake. The second we got him out his car seat he started to cry…. and he cried for 2 whole hours. This was an eye opener for me, as patience is something all photographers must have when photographing children, but newborns will obviously take it to the next level.

I have booked in for a reshoot with the couple and have rearmed myself with a host of new things to try to keep baby calm. Everything from shooting in an incredibly warm room, to using white noise to sooth the baby. Both Im definitely willing to try

Now i have all the props, all the photography gear, all the preparation elements are done. Ive done a ton of reading on the subject and am now ready to take solo new born shoots to the next level. With lots of expectant mothers getting in touch im keep to learn all the tricks of the trade.

Watch this space… lots of epically cute photos to come.


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